Lucia Y. Henry                                      

Interior Designer * Allied ASID   * Mixed Media Artist  * Art Educator

Lucia Y. Henry (Allied ASID) is an accomplished residential interior designer, art educator and mixed media artist whose design studios have refined the art of timeless interiors.

Lucia has been involved in the arts from a young age. She was born in Lima-Peru, and always remembers being interested in some form of creative exploration, from short story writing to theater stage design, or ceramics sculpture. She got a taste for Interior Design and the fine arts early in her college years, as she was constantly reinventing and transforming spaces for school projects, as well as for private clients.

Her goal as an Interior Designer is to create spaces that are fresh, but timeless

and reflect the unique personality of clients.


Lucia has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design from IDI, Newport Beach CA, as well as Associates of Arts degrees in Graphic Design and also in Advertising Arts from Lima, Peru.

Whether managing a complete home renovations, a formal living room design or a home style upgrade, her aesthetic is defined by coherence and unity; incorporating the use of unique textures, fine fabrics and fabulous furnishings that are meticulously crafted. Her passion for the design process allows her to create consistent results for clients who expect a custom interior.

"With the right variety of textures and bold accents, combined with the perfect amount of sophistication and innovation, any space could be transformed into a living experience"


Lucia Design Studios is a published firm, including Modern Luxury Interiors California, and Coast magazines; actively participating in numerous events through the ASID such as Wine & Design at SOCO-Costa Mesa, One Room 12 Ways at the Stonemill Design Center – Costa Mesa, and the prestigious Philharmonic House of Design.

“By bringing concepts and inspirations to life a space could become pleasantly unexpected!”